July 22, 2011

Spam and Scam Emails

I just know this is a topic that is annoying to just about everyone in the universe not just out world... You know the emails I am talking about

There are the ones that seem to come from someone you know and it turns out to be a pharmaceutical company who is trying to sell you Viagra or Cialis or some other drug. Gee thanks but if I want to medicate myself I will go to my doctor...

How about the ones that you receive that are your own email address but it is for all sorts of things from medication to "you just one and Ipad" and it goes to your entire email contact list... Someone needs to get beat for that one.

Or the emails that make you think someone is placing an order only to find that it is an ad for weight loss pills, shakes or some other nonsense.

The internet offers so much in the way of instant information at the touch of a few buttons. The ability to shop anywhere in the world just give me (a complete stranger) your credit card information. Email lets you chat with family, friends and prospective business customers in a matter of minutes. The problem with all of this is the danger that lies beneath the surface, we must all be aware that the person we are in contact may not be who he/she says they are. Predators abound and they want everything from your children to your entire identity.

Keep watch on the kids and what they are doing on the internet, check their browsing history and their emails. Never assume that whoever they are talking to is safe, that is how tragedy strikes. Be vigilant and keep all your personal information to yourself or make sure the website you are dealing with is secure and remember that NO computer is Hack Proof. Pay with a credit card NOT your debit card when shopping online that way if someone hacks your credit card they can't get into your bank account. Maybe even consider joining a credit watch, someone who will monitor your credit rating and advise if anyone is trying to take over your identity.

I have actually had my credit card company call me and ask me to call them back. I was asked to call the number on the back of my credit card and ask for customer service. When I did, the rep asked if I could verify the last 5 transactions she showed I made on the card. Of course I didn't think much of it until she started to read the charges and amounts. The oldest amount was the one she started with first, it was for $ .26 cents, $1.59, $34.75, $187.99 and $479.80 the last was for Victoria's Secret store in Washington State - I am in Pennsylvania. I said NO to all the charges and the card was immediately cancelled.

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