May 18, 2011

Name That Soap Extended

The closing date for my Name That Soap Contest has been extended and will end on June 11 with choosing the winner.

In extending the contest I am hoping that will give more people the opportunity to join in the naming. I have been asked if I will accept entrys for either Twitter or Facebook as some people do one or the other. Yes I will allow entries if you do not use one of the two Facebook or Twitter. So Please, Enter the contest and enjoy the fun of coming up with an interesting soap name.

Good luck to all who enter


May 9, 2011

Name That Soap

OK It's Contest Time! Name That Soap and win a Small Spa Basket filled with a bar of the new soap plus 2 more of your choice from my website. The basket is made from a soft white face towel that will hold your soaps.

This is the first one for my Blog. Here are the rules, very simple and easy to do just 3 steps:

1) Leave a comment on this post and the name you would like the new soap to be called then follow my blog
2) Like me on Facebook
3) Follow me on Twitter!/bryasbaskets

Name That Soap is of course to name my newest soap. It is in the process of being made even as we speak - I mean write :O) We are coming into Spring, finally, and the flowers and trees are starting to bud and get ready to blossom.

I have a beautiful soap soon to be ready to use and it needs a name as pretty as the soap is. Yes I know it is difficult to name a soap without being able to see it or smell it but try to imagine all these fragrances lightly combined.

The notes (scents) of Fruity berry and apple, fresh floral, greenery, plumeria, gardinia, jasmine and peach with just a touch of musk and coconut. This soap is sweet, floral and complex in its fragrance.

I will be running this contest until May 31 and the winner will be picked by When you leave your comment please include your email so I can get in touch with you if you win.

Thank you and good luck