August 26, 2010

Bonanzle & Etsy Stores

Well the newest thing to rock my world is Kyra now age 5, she starts kindergarten in a week and I have been trying to figure out how she has gotten this old so fast. I am sure she was only born a year ago, It can't possibly have been 5 years. Kids are so amazing, funny and clever, she has been learning Spanish thanks to Dora the Explorer and Diego and the Lilly Doll she got when she was 3. How do these kids get so smart so fast?

Ky has just started playing soccer and is just too cute in her little soccer cleats and uniform. I can't wait to watch their first "Game" should be a hoot since there are only 4 kids on her team. Aubrey, her mom, is assistant coach and is really taking this responsibility seriously. She gets on the 'Net and checks out soccer drills and ways to get the most from her small players. There is no goalie and when they play the first game it will be against a team that only has 4 players also. I am expecting just to see a bunch of cute kids in uniforms running up and down the field. When my son played, AYSO at age 7 (they didn't have soccer for really young kids)the kids in the back field would be crouched down playing in the dirt. Parents were all hysterical with laughter


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