May 18, 2011

Name That Soap Extended

The closing date for my Name That Soap Contest has been extended and will end on June 11 with choosing the winner.

In extending the contest I am hoping that will give more people the opportunity to join in the naming. I have been asked if I will accept entrys for either Twitter or Facebook as some people do one or the other. Yes I will allow entries if you do not use one of the two Facebook or Twitter. So Please, Enter the contest and enjoy the fun of coming up with an interesting soap name.

Good luck to all who enter



  1. I LOVE BRYA'S SOAPS! I love them! I can't help it...... so of course I am going to enter your contest by naming your NEW soap...

    New Name - Sweet Gardenia

    I hope I win! : ) Hugs....

  2. Since flowers remind me of spring, and your new soap has lots of florals, how about "Springtime Dream". The soap sounds lucious!!