June 22, 2011

Canine Cookies

As everybody knows starting a business is no easy task. Denise's husband has started The Canine Cookie Shoppe and makes homemade treats for dogs. I started about 10 years ago making my treats for Puffin the Poodle, my boyfriends dog. When I made the first batch of treats, Jim said Puff would never give up Milk Bones for a homemade treat. Boy was he wrong, Puff enjoyed homemade treats so much that I started making them for my grand-puppies and the dogs of all the guys I work with.
After a while I thought I would like to get into this as a business...... My feet, arms, wrists and back all started to protest. Finally I decided that there was a business out there that I would get as much enjoyment out of but that would not make me whimper in pain. I now enjoy making soap and bath products and will leave yummy cookie making to companies like The Canine Cookie Shoppe.
My Sierra is drooling over the order I just placed with The Canine Cookie Shoppe http://www.thecaninecookieshoppe.com Denise and her husband is doing a special of 3 dozen cookies for $15.00 and that includes shipping!!! Wow that is a deal!!
For anyone who makes homemade doggy treats you know what a job that is. I make Sierra treats only on special occasions, her birthday or Christmas, there is just so much work involved. When I make her cookies I bake enough to be able to supply cookies to my English Bullie grand-puppy Tank, Dailey, Saber and Sophie three Goldens (I work with their Dads), and Rocky and Maverick giant Newfies (their Mom and Dad own my office). By the time I am finished baking their treats my back is tired from bending over the kitchen table, my hands and arms are sore from rolling out dough and my feet are tired and aching.
Denise and her hubby just got their shoppe opened and I hope all doggie owners/lovers stop by and check her site out. IThe is so cute and Denise says they will be adding other flavors. Since she is offering the special deal on 3 dozen cookies Sierra will be getting to try Parmesan Cheese (I might have to get a nibble of this cookie), Peanut Butter and Honey (let's all say yum on this cookie) and Carrots, Parsley and Garlic (that will help keep those pesky fleas away)
K Denise start helping your hubby bake, I just know you are going to get tons of orders! Good luck my new friend and great website!

Website: http://www.bryassoapbox.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bryassoapbox
Twitter: http://twitter.com/bryassoapbox

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