September 12, 2010

Gift Baskets for College Bound Niece's

Wow all 3 of my niece's are going to college. The oldest, Jessica, is actually graduating, providing the school can get their records straightened out. They have been having computer problems for the last 3 months. Wants to work in a library.

Middle is Lisa with 3 children, going back for Mechanical Engineering.

Youngest is Alana, just out of the Army after 2 tours of duty, some in Iraq and some in Afghanistan. I'm not sure what she will be studying but I can't begin to describe how proud of them I am.

Will be putting together gift baskets for all 3, I'll try to send them stuff that college girls will need. Note Paper, Snacks, Pens, Snacks, Notebooks and Binders and also Snacks.


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