April 2, 2011

Craft Shows and Cancer Donation

Well my second craft show is over and the total for Bryas Specialty Gift Baskets donation to Breast Cancer Research is now over $56. Yes, I know in the long run, this is not a huge amount; however, the way I look at it every little bit helps. I have another show in 2 weeks so after that show I will be sending in the check.

We have to get behind the fight against this terrible disease. I bet if you asked every one you know they would all say that they either know someone who passed away from some form of Cancer or they know someone who is fighting/just diagnosed with some form of Cancer. The time to fight is NOW. My wish would be for people all over the country to raise money for cancer; lets get our kids involved also, need ideas? How about the traditional Car Wash, Bake Sale, a Pet Wash, a Lemonade Stand, or if you do crafts donate a portion of your sales.

With health care skyrocketing, we can no longer just talk about finding a cure. It is now becoming the responsibility of every American to figure out ways to raise money for the fight against Cancer. I have chosen breast cancer as my best friend has just been diagnosed Stage 2. I lost another friend 2 years ago and a co-workers 46 year old sister just passed away several months ago. I lost my Mom to Ovarian Cancer, so while I am raising money for the fight, I am also going to make sure that I do self breast exams, get annual mammograms and pap tests done. We also have to make sure we are pro-active in our fight also.

Please make sure that you do all of your tests and get all the necessary exams.

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