April 4, 2011

Soaps, Handmade or Store Bought?

OK hears the deal on SOAP, everybody uses it, from liquid hand soap, body wash to bars. Most people purchase their soap from a grocery store, I used to before I got into making my own. Have you ever read the packaging on your soap? Yeah I know, I have to remember to read the packaging on everything else I purchase, do I really need to read the information on my box of soap?? The answer to that seemingly foolish question is YES! Most of what is in these products are chemicals meant to prolong the shelf life. Listed below are the ingredients in Dove Soap (bar)...

Dove Soap ingredients: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, sodium Tallowate, Water, sodium Isethonate, Coconut Acid, Sodium Stearate, Cocamidopropyl Bethane, Sodium Cocoate or sodium Palm Kernelate, sodium Chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosewood Oil, Tetrasodium EDTA, Trisodium Etidronate, BHT, Cedarwood Oil and Rose Oil. It may also contain Disodium Cocamido Mea Suflosuccinate, Cetyl alcohol, and Tocopheryl Acetate.

Just a little more info: Sodium tallowate: basically lye, steam and Animal Fat.

Why would you use all of these chemicals on your body's largest organ??? Yes, that is what your skin is, the largest organ of your body. Your skin is put through enough during the course of a day, it filters all the yucky stuff in the air for a start and when you perspire (ladies do not sweat or so my Gram used to tell me) your skin gets rid of lots of internal toxins. So start using a quality handmade soap (of course I am going to say like I make here on Bryas Specialty Gift Baskets) here is a list of ingredients you will find in my Vegan (absolutely no animal products used), (No Parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (or similar), no petroleum products or unnatural preservatives) hand made soaps...

Brya's Basket's Handmade Scented Soap ingredients: saponified (meaning heated to mix and bond together lye water and oils) vegetable oils (olive, rice bran, coconut, organic palm and shea butter) fragrance, color (turmeric, iron oxide and/or red clay as in our Cherry Almond soap), rosemary extract (acts as a preservative) and/or natural vitamin E.

Please check out my website for a wonderful selection of handmade, cold processed scented soaps or for those with sensitive skin try my Super Shea soap the only scent this soap has is of the oils used.

Support Independent Soap Makers and wean yourself away from the chemical based soaps

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  1. Hi Dianne stopping by to catch up what you have been doing. I love your soap can't wait to place an order. I was looking to see what special ideas you have for Mother's Day. Don't have my Mom with me any longer but I was fortunate to have a wonderful step Mom that has brought me away from my sorrow on so many occassions that I want to do something very special for her. Take care of yourself ♥Rachel

  2. I'm giving you The Versatile Blogger Award for all of your hard work and efforts! Check it out at: http://ourcreativehands.blogspot.com/
    ♥Sincerely Rachel

  3. Hi Diane! I am awarding you the Versitile Blogger Award (http://mycolorfultreasureswebdesign.blogspot.com/2011/04/versatile-blogger-award.html) because I feel you deserve it because you are AMAZING! Hugs... Lisa : )