November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Let's start a new Thanksgiving tradition.  Since the majority of household holiday cooks are women, I think the men should take care of cleaning the table and doing the dishes.  When I was younger my Dad's job during any holiday was to carve the turkey, slice the ham and such hard jobs like that.  My Mom took care of All of the Cooking and cleaning (both before company came and after the dinner), after dinner Dad and my brother would watch football while the women would clean up the mess.  It is way past time for this to change, if the women of the house are going to be the cooks of the holiday meal then after the eating is over the men can do their share and do all the clean-up.

Does anybody else think this would be a fair distribution of chores?


1 comment:

  1. I second your motion! I totally think think this would be a fair distribution of chores! It was the same way in our house as well. My Dad would carve the meet and there you go.... he did his job. The boys never had to do anything around the house and there were 8 boys! I guess you can tell I am the baby of 10 and that doesn't count my adopted sister. My sisters and I would do all of the preparation for the holidays like cleaning the house.... preparing the chopped up foods.... peeling potatoes... etc.... and then after dinner.... we would have to do all of the dishes. My parents always had huge huge get togethers (and I am talking more then just the 11 of us kids). I am talking inviting extended family members and their kids over. While others got to have a good time and chat... and visit... we girls got stuck in the kitchen cleaning up. I don't run my household like my parents did. All of my kids pull their fair share of weight.... but I carry the most.... because that's my job as a Mommy! One day they will have their own house... their own family.... and I will then get to sit around and visit.... and they will get to do the clean up! Sounds far to me..... what do you think? : )