November 20, 2009

New Product Developed

Black Raspberry Salt Scrub is the newest in my line of bath products. This salt scrub will be an excellent addition to the Raspberry Rush soap and Raspberry Truffle bath salt or perhaps my Chocolate Decadence soap.

Using a Salt or Sugar Scrub will exfoliate your skin and give it a healthy glow as it takes off the dead skin cells. Use only on your arms, legs and torso and avoid your face and other sensitive areas. By gently massaging the scrub over your wet body then rinsing off and using a moisturizing soap you will take care of your larges organ - your skin. When drying off, don't completely dry, pat the majority of water from your skin so it is just damp, then follow with a moisturizing lotion to keep the skin supple and smooth.

By learning how to care for your skin properly, you can keep it looking younger without harsh chemical procedures or products.


1 comment:

  1. Oh how I love your Raspberry Truffle bath salts! I can totally imagine your Black Raspberry Salt Scrub smelling just as good! Can you say..... "MMMMMMMmmmmm Good"!?! : ) Good luck with all of your new products!