November 25, 2009

Pets Not Allowed But Kids Are?

OK here is my question for the day. I have to travel to a gift show convention in Philadelphia and I will be taking Sierra, my 4 year old Cockapoo with me.  She is well behaved (to a point), house broken, loves people, doesn't bark and is crate trained.  Why is she not welcome in a hotel or if she is welcome why do I have to pay extra for her?  Have you ever stayed in a hotel and seen the obnoxious children who run the halls, yelled, screamed, made a mess in the buffet area?  Why is there not a charge for these kids?  My dog is much better behaved and the hotel does not have to even feed her?

With so many people traveling with their beloved pets the hotels really need to re-think things.  Now of course not all people who travel with their kids have bratty children, I certainly don't want to give the impression that children should be left in a kennel at home.  But I have stayed in many hotels where the parents have let their kids run wild.  Pet owners need to make a united stand and let the hotel industry know that our pets are our family members and we take them with us when we travel.  The majority are well behaved and well mannered animals who love both adults and children alike.  Let's get together and make a stand - Pets United in Travel


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  1. It's because so many other pet owners don't respect the hotels property and allows their pets do whatever they please. They don't have any other choice but to let bratty kids stay... which is odd... because for alot of people... their pet is one of their children.

    Unfortunately.... not everyone is as wonderful as you are! If they were.... we'd have a very pleasant world to live in! : )

    Good luck with your stand! : )