March 5, 2011

First Craft Show a Success

Just finished my first craft show of the year...I consider it a success. Of course I didn't make as much as I had hoped but still not bad. Got lots of great comments on the fragrances of my soaps and their appearance. I have to admit that I think my soap has a very pretty look. I was placed next to a very nice lady who was actually my first customer. She had some interesting hand colored prints really beautiful geometric shapes and she used colored pencils instead of using paints they were so gorgeous and very inexpensive. She also used acrylic paints and painted "pet" rocks they were really pretty and those went over very well at the show.

Can't wait for my next show in 2 weeks.


1 comment:

  1. Bet your second craft show is over now. I always loved doing the shows my husband and I did them together so this meant time for us as a team-plus he was then a captive audience.We meet so many nice people, crafters and buyers, learned alot of new ideas,and walked away from each show with more knowledge.We haven't done one in about 10 years now though husband started working out of state I just did not like to go alone with reading your blog today I have the yearning to do them again. Winter craft shows in California here we come♥ Good luck and success at yours Diane.
    Sincerely Rachel
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