March 1, 2011

Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls

Well, getting home from work last evening I found a package waiting at my door. I quickly dropped everything on the floor, once I got inside the house of course, and tore open the package. There staring up at me were Raggedy Ann and Andy and all of a sudden I had a flash back to the pair of dolls my Aunt Bev made me when I was 5 years old. When I really looked at this pair of soft, smushy, squeezeable dolls, I was able to see all the love and care that the wonderful woman who created this duo put into them. Rachel Vargo, the owner (along with husband, Steve) of Our Creative Hands, is amazing, their wooden products look beautiful and the dolls are just something else.

My grand-daughter, Kyra is soon to be 6 and she will be the proud recipient of these 2 dolls. I wonder if she will let me play with them??? In a time where everything seems so fast paced and toys that do everything for you, it is nice to have something that you can play with and create your own special world. Ann and Andy lets a child create a world of their own, one where imagination reigns supreme and everything is possible. Much like the beloved Winnie The Pooh, Raggedy Ann and Andy are a part of my fondest childhood memories. Like:

My big brother building me a fort made of sofa cushions and blankets so that my babies and I would have someplace to play make-believe. Always protesting having to crawl around to make sure my fort was just so, with windows and a back door for the cat to come in and out of, 4 years older than me, Fred always made sure everyone knew how put upon he was.....However when my Dad said he would build my forts, my brother made sure Dad knew that it was a brothers job to do that. My Dad, crawling into the fort to tell me that Mommy had supper ready and all us kids (Annie, Pooh, Andy and Me) had to go wash up. The tears when I tossed Annie and Andy (not Pooh, everybody knew that bears washed After supper not before) into the sink and then couldn't bring them to the supper table. And the laughter when my Mom tied the dolls to some twine and hung the twine from the kitchen cupboards the refrigerator door so that the babies could watch us "grown-ups" eat dinner.

Thank you so much, Rachel, for these beautiful dolls, they will be a treasure in my Grand-daughter's life for years to come. Also, thank you for jogging my memories of my Aunt Bev who passed away in 2010, I still have the Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls that she made for me and even though they are stained with dust and dirt smudges you can tell that they were much loved! And the memories of my Mom and Dad and all the silly things they did to make sure my playtime was so memorable. And especially the memories of a big brother doing things for his little sister that he considered beneath him but also that they were his job cuz only a big brother can do certain things. I'm going to call Fred to night just to remind him that his little sister loves him and wishes he could build her another fort just one more time....for old times sake.



  1. Diane this brought back memories also for me but with my own grandchildren building forts and taking my mom's raggedy ann and andy dolls to play with. You are absolutely right how the imagination runs wild in a little child if they are allowed. I love listening to their little voices as they talk to the dolls just so sweet. I am so happy that I could give you back these memories thank you so much. Sincerely Rachel♥

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  3. Thank you Valery for following my Blog, I hope you find my ramblings fun. Your Mom, is a really talented lady as I am sure you are aware. I checked out your blog and it is really nice...I have got to log in and follow you to get some blogging tips. I tend to use my blog as a friend and "talk" to it like I would to a friend so sometime I fear I come off rambling.

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