March 4, 2011

What's New At Bryas

With Winter almost over it is time to get started on signing up for the craft shows in my area. The first one is coming up March 5 (this Saturday) at Loyalsock High School and the next will be March 26 at Williamsport High School, their Spring Show. I am leaving a couple of weekends open since I am also on a mission to get all the rooms in my house painted and my boyfriend wants me to paint his place also. Since he his helping me I have to help him out also.

There are a few new soaps I have done that will be put onto my website in the near future. But we will be waiting until the site is freshened up a bit, Lisa, my web designer, is working on a section of the website to show me what she has in mind. Since I am in need of visual aides and can't picture what she was telling me, Lisa decided to do 1 section of the site then I can deside if I like it or not. Since Lisa is such a great designer I can't imagine not liking it. The newest osaps are Almond Biscotti which is one of my favorites right up there with Orange Hibiscus and Burnt Orange Patchouli, Sunshine Magic, Autumn Apples, Ginger Coconut Almond, Fresh Lime Ginger and one that I am calling (temporarily) May Chang (the name of the Essential Oil used)...I will be having a contest to name this soap and maybe a contest to re-name Sunshine Magic. One contest will be just for my craft shows and the other will be for the Web so check back often for contest details.

I have just taken on 3 new companies, in addition to my own lines and will be adding them to my
website in the future.

Loova Soaps they have some nice sponge soaps; these are actual sponges filled with a glycerine soap nicely scented and their Round Lotion Bars - the lotion bar really melts into your skin and is very fragrant.

SallyeAnders Soaps they have some great scented soaps like Milk and Mint and Almond Goat Milk soap. They also have a line of chocolate soaps which are so YUM! I have Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Raspberry, White Chocolate and plain old Milk Chocolate. I picked this line up at a trade show and I knew how nice the soaps were because our local Natural Health Food Store stocks their Hog Wash soap which is great for anyone who gardens.

La Crema Coffee they have some of the yummiest gourmet coffee, found this company at the Philadelphia Gift Show also. I decided to order their Girlfriends Package and will be offering this on my website also.

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  1. Hi Diane stopping by to see what you have going on. I love to read that you are creating new things. I can't wait until the Girlfriend Package is available I have a couple of "girlfriends" who love coffee what a perfect birthday gift this would be. I always try to make them something special so along with a doll or bunny they will love to have some coffee...Looking forward to your new additions and seeing what Miss Lisa is doing to your site. She is just wonderful so I know it will be fabulous...♥ Sincerely Rachel