March 4, 2011

Winter, The End Is Near

Well Spring is almost here, I say almost because that Rodent, Phil the groundhog, is a sneaky rat; just when you think you can trust his prediction of no more snow it gets cold and drops 9 inches of the white junk! I am not the hunter type, don't care for guns, think this world would be much better off without guns of any kind......HOWEVER if I see just 1 more snowflake - well let me just say this - Phil, I know where Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is and I will find you!

OK with my sense of directions, I have been known to get lost in a walk in closet, it may take a while to find good old Phil. But if I can remember to get out my GPS, well I will let you know where to send flowers to the groundhog


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